After Dinner

It’s raining outside and you are on your way home from work.  You are absolutely exhausted.  The only thing you had running through your head while sitting in traffic is just to have dinner and go to bed.  The headlights of your car beam through the house and I know you’re home.  

You walk into a quiet, candle lit room.  You immediately smell dinner and you begin to relax immediately.  I tell you to sit down and watch TV. for a bit, dinner will be ready shortly.  Your eyes begin to close, and then you see me walk towards you with 2 plates of food.  You smile and then take another look closely.  You notice that not only am I carrying the 2 plates, I’m also wearing nothing but an apron.

You sit up quickly and are no longer tired.  I sit on the edge of the table in front of you as the apron falls gently between m legs, hiding just enough for the imagination.  The top of the apron shows the curves of my breasts along the outside and gives a small peek of my nipples.

I ask you, “What do you want to eat?”  You look at both dishes, take them from my hands, put them to the side and give me a very mysterious look.  You place your hands on my waist and pull me close to you. You give me a deep, long kiss.  Pulling me closer, I’m on top of you, straddling you.  Moving your hands up my back, your breathing becomes quicker; your eyes become fixed on the apron.  You untie it from the back and slip it over my head, letting it drop between us.

The storm outside is intensifying.  You drop your head and notice the apron move.  We both grin.  I lean in to kiss your neck, then change directions and sit up forcing your face into my chest.  You wrap your arms around me, hugging me tightly, burying your face even more.  I drop my hands to your side and grab the bottom of your shirt, pulling it slowly off of you.

I lean back, rolling my body away from you.  Looking intensely into your eyes, I softly kiss your neck.  My fingertips graze your body with anticipation.  As I get lower on you, I move off your lap, my lips and tongue silently talking to your skin.  I arrive at your waist.  I look up, smile, placing my hands on your chest to hold you back, using only my mouth, I undo your pants.

I stand up, turn around, and straddle you again.  I sit down on your unexposed dick and circle my hips.  You moan giving me the sign you’re ready for more.  Turning back around, I kneel in front of you, pulling your pants down to the floor.  Crawling up your body, I kiss your stomach, chest, the nave of your neck, your ears.  You run your hands through my hair several times before you let them wonder.  They touch my back, down to my ass, following my thighs, moving back up towards my waist then to my breasts before they stop.  You squeeze them with your hands, capturing my nipples between your fingers.  You hear me moan then take a deep breath.  You hear my want in my moan.  Taking your mouth you start to suck on my tits.  I stop what I am doing; to enjoy what you are doing.

After a few moments of relaxing enjoyment, I stand over you, my knees hitting the couch backing, my arms supporting me against the wall; as if asked to stand against the wall and spread ‘em.  My lips are now at your mouth level.  You lean in, taking your tongue, you quickly flick my clit.  You can feel my body start to tense up and shake.  Every time the thunder rolled, you hummed as low as you could, vibrating my clit, sending me to the edge.

To save what little control I had left, I climbed down make sure to stop half way to fuck you the right way.  The story had perfect timing.  Every time I moaned or yelled, the thunder did the same.  It was amazing!  What seemed like hours on top of you and several orgasms later, my exhausted body needed a break.  

You watched me very closely as I left the couch and headed into the bedroom.  The candles had burned out hours ago, the lightening cast a silhouette of my body, climbing in bed, against the wall.  It didn’t take long for you to join me in the bedroom.

Your naked body climbed under the sheet that covered me.  Finding me on my stomach, and smiling, was very inviting for fun.  You placed your body on mine and slid your hands between the mattress, and me grabbing at anything that you found exciting.  Then you stopped, placed your knees between my thighs and pushed them apart, grabbing my hips, forcefully pulling them up to yours. You tease me by having your dick just touching my clit, then inserting yourself a little at a time and very slowly.  I moan for more!  The louder I got, the more I got, and the faster you gave it.

I start to cum and you pull out.  This was my payback for stopping earlier on the couch.  You made me hornier.  I turn over and try to pull you back in and you resist.  I look at you, glaring.  I kneel up to you and go into kiss your lips.  Instead I gently bite onto you’re your lower lip and pull slightly, as to say “I get the final say.”

I push you down onto the bed, taking my hands and surrounding your shaft, my mouth covers the head.  My tongue massages your dick.  As soon as you are getting comfortable, I start moaning; vibrating your dick, and making everything begin to tingle.  I start touching myself and you notice me getting off, while giving your hummer.  This excites you more and you cum without control over it and surprising me.  There is no where for me to do with your hot cum but to swallow.

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