Pen Pals

It was late and I was alone, hot and horny.  A warm bath and a glass of wine did not help.  Then, my phone beeped.  It was my “pen-friend” from overseas.  I had never seen her – only exchanged photo’s and e-mail.  I knew she liked women, but I have been shy and nervous about same-sex relationships – something I’ve never tried before.  Turned out, she was feeling the same way as I was. Our  conversation started innocently. She asked, “What are you doing?”  “Oh, just laying in bed..” I said.  “What are you wearing?” she asked in a slightly husky voice.  I hesitated and then said, “just a pair of silk boy shorts.”  I heard her quick intake of breath and was secretly pleased.  I knew she was picturing me in her mind.  Her next question took me by surprise.  “Describe your body to me…” she said. 

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After Dinner

It’s raining outside and you are on your way home from work.  You are absolutely exhausted.  The only thing you had running through your head while sitting in traffic is just to have dinner and go to bed.  The headlights of your car beam through the house and I know you’re home.  

You walk into a quiet, candle lit room.  You immediately smell dinner and you begin to relax immediately.  I tell you to sit down and watch TV. for a bit, dinner will be ready shortly.  Your eyes begin to close, and then you see me walk towards you with 2 plates of food.  You smile and then take another look closely.  You notice that not only am I carrying the 2 plates, I’m also wearing nothing but an apron. Continue reading After Dinner

From the Top

She rolled on top of him and embraced him.  Her mouth found his and she began to deeply kiss him.

His lips parted, he inserted his tongue into her mouth.  He explored every part of her mouth running his tongue over hers.  His hands were searching her body, finding her tight round ass, the swell of her hips, the cleft between her cheeks, her well toned thighs.

She laughed slightly as he brushed lightly against her sex.  She held his face in her hands ad she deeply probed his mouth with her tongue.  She broke her hold on his mouth as she pulled her body up against his.  She moved up on him so that her belly was above his face. Continue reading From the Top