Bath Time

It is a small bathroom.  There is a candle burn on the sink and the air is filled with steam and the sweet smell of rain.  A man and a women are sitting in a tub full of hot scented water.  He is sitting with his back against the tub and she is between his legs; her back pressed against his chest.  Their bodies are wet with the warm water of the bath and the sweat of their bodies pressed close.  He brings his hands out of the water and gently cups her breasts with his warm palms.  She responds by pressing her body closer.  He begins to play with her nipple, making small circles with light touches.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes, it feels nice.”

They both release small sighs and their move softly with each other.  He whispers in her ear, “I want to watch you cum.  I want you to make yourself cum.”

He begins kissing her neck, biting softly.  She brings her hands out of the water and brushes her hair out of her face.  She turn and kisses him on the lips.  A hard kiss.  They kiss deeply and she begins to moan softly.  He pulls his mouth away and looks down her slick body.  Her hands are between her thighs, moving in circles around her clit.  He watches as one of her hands disappears between her thighs.  She slides her finger in and feels a wetness altogether different from the water that she is lying in.  His hands are on her breasts, his lips are flickering off her neck, her ears, her shoulder.  She turns and meets his mouth with hers.  They kiss as she satisfies herself and he massages her breast. 

He sees her nipples grow slightly.  She can feel him against the small of her back.  She closes her eyes leans her head back against his shoulder.  She moans a deeply out of pleasure.  He watches as her back arches away from him.  She presses her ass against his crotch.  “I can feel you, I want you in me!”   She reaches in-between her legs and pulls him deeper into the water.  She grabs him as she slides her ass over his stomach.  She brings her body down again and he is inside her.  His hands grip the sides of the tub as he is overwhelmed by the feeling of her.  She presses her back against his chest, wraps her arms around his neck and begins to move against his body.  Their motions begin to splash the water out of the tub.  They move slowly in the water.  Their bodies a fluid.  Their motions are synchronized.  As he pushes himself up she presses against him.  She leans her head back and they kiss.  She is biting at his lips.  Their bodies slide against each other on water and sweat.  He begins to moan softly as he focuses on the softness that has enveloped him.  His body tenses and she feels the explosion inside her.  She leans back and kisses him softly, “Is that how you like it?”

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