Surrender The Pink

Fantasy Friday – Endorphin Rush

From the Archives:
Submitted on 01.23.01 by High School Hellcat.

To be held, while fingers barely brush the tips of my hair there – the first hint of approach – just enough to make me anticipate what’s coming next. Tingling shocks run through me as I start to blossom and warm. Cupping me so I absorb the warmth of your hand – no movement yet. Then slight pulsing motions that I return with involuntary pulses of my own.

Brushing of fingers across but still not between my lips, maybe tugging on my hair, gently squeezing my lips and rubbing them together. I think this slow beginning seems excruciating to you – but lots of this preliminary soft teasing makes all the difference in what follows. I like to be open only a little and feel warm breath on me. Little licks on my fur – again “gradual” and “slow” are key. I love then to be gently pressed open – the moist separation and the agonizing anticipation is incredibly exciting.

By the time your tongue first slips in there, I’m dying for it. Your tongue strokes should be soft, soft and slow and direct and relentless! I want to feel your tongue all over my lips – outer and inner and then over my clit. (Not really in and out of my vagina. It’s just a distraction for me, as is manual penetration for the most part. It diffuses the sensations and detracts from the intensity.)

Ideal is when the stimulation stays consistent and my response builds. Ironically, if the stimulation builds too soon, my response flattens. As I get there I like the intensity to increase; both pressure and speed, but not X 100. A climax from this can be 10 or 12 separate, distinct jolts that seem to last forever. THEN being penetrated – hard and fast, carries me on a wave of radiating pleasure, filling my whole body – endorphin rush – happy for a week!

Surrender The Pink

Fantasy Friday – Summer daydreams

It’s summer, and I’ve been lying in bed masturbating. The window is open and the morning sun and warm air feel delicious on my fair skin. I notice that the ropes are moving on the window washers rig. I grab the silk, fringed shawl that’s hanging on a chair and go to lean out the window.

He is there. Sandy haired, strong and lithe, sitting enjoying the sun. I notice his jeans are open and his cock is hard in the sunlight. I lean out the window, smiling, the shawl barely around my shoulders, not really covering my breasts as they sway against the buildings brick facade. He turns to look at me and I smile. He is not ashamed, makes no move to cover himself. Instead, he gently comes over to me, stands in front of me so that I am now eye level with his cock. It is hard and is reaching towards me. I, in turn, reach out and touch it. When I do, he puts his hands on my hair, touches the long, blond strands as though they were silk. His hand traces slowly down the sides of my head as I cradle his balls in my hand, and slowly stroke his shaft from base to tip. I put my hand around it, give a little tug and he gets the idea.

Inside, he begins to take off his jeans and I stop him. Just your shirt…and your shoes, I tell him. I like feeling rough denim on my bare skin and on my cunt. He lays down on my bed and I straddle him, run my hands from his hands, along his strong, golden arms, down the side of his torso. I kiss his chest, ask him if his nipples are sensitive. he says they are. I bite them a little, kiss them a little, circle them with my tongue. His cock is still sticking out from the fly of his jeans. I let it rub against my bush, occasionally tease it with my clit. I am very wet.

He puts his hands on my ass, sits me on his thighs, then pulls me down into a kiss, rolling me around on the bed. One hand on the small of my back, the other lost in my hair, my neck, cradling my face. There is something so deep and warm in his kisses. He squeezes one of my nipples and I say, I like that.

Tell me what else you like…he exhorts.

I show him instead. I turn so that my ass is in front of his face. He strokes my behind, slides his fingers under my thigh so he can play with my pussy. Mmmm…he says as he feels how wet I am. His cock gets even harder as he starts to finger fuck me. I am moving around, taking his jeans down (no underwear!) and kissing my way back up his legs, all the while his hand keeps working my pussy. I’m James, he says.

He has pulled my ass down and his tongue is beginning to explore around my outer cunt. I fall onto his his cock and slowly lower my mouth down over his massive hard-on. He moans with pleasure as I take him deep into my throat. I alternate this with short, tight strokes, using my hand as a movable cock ring. In between sloppy sucking, he says: I love the way your pussy tastes. its so warm and sweet. I begin to grind my hips with the rhythm of my mouth on his cock.

I am feeling it, the warmth spreads, the incredible bliss…I’m coming! I whisper-yell. He wraps his arms around my now undulating hips and holds his mouth and tongue still over my clit.

Then he crawls out from under me and tells me to look over at the door. My roommate has been standing in the door looking at us. I can see the bulge in his pants. He is smiling, rubbing his hand up and down on his hidden cock…

Stay tuned for the next installment of jr/bkny’s summer daydream.

Surrender The Pink

Fantasy Friday – Stress Relief

I answered his knock at the door……..this wonderful man, who holds my deepest thoughts and passions. I wanted to be with him, to feel his chest on mine, the shared breathing, his heart beating. As the door closed I melted into his arms……his kiss took my breath away.

This was the man whom I wanted and chose to surrender and submit myself to. This was going to be our first time together us and he was here to fulfill my fantasy. I was working alone in the office that day……. We had discussed my fantasy and what the possibilities were. All I could think of is him and how much I really want to feel his body close to mine. My body craves his touch, to feel his hands on my breasts, his lips and tongue on my neck, to hear him whispering my name. I took his hand and led him into the conference room. I sat down at the edge of the conference room table hiking up dress and slipping off my panties. Lying down on the cool smooth stone table I felt his cock slipping in and out of my wet pussy. His hands clutching my legs and his lips kissing the inside of my ankles……so gentle, so loving, so demanding. He had me get off the table and lay face down with my bottom exposed and then he spanked me……..that delicous, stingy slap. It just excited me more…..fucking me again as I laid there gripping the sides of the table. The tenderness and yet the intensity of it I lost myself in the pleasure of the moment.

So now when I feel the tension and stress rise at work all I have to do is walk into the conference room and close my and the memories bring a smile to my face. His presence even in his absence is all around me ……..he is never far from my mind.
Surrender The Pink

Fantasy Friday – Letting Go

What really gets me going when I have the sense that I’m allowed to enjoy being animalistic and that I’m allowed to relax without having to worry that my partner thinks I’m fat or too horny or unfeminine.  Essentially, when I feel permission to be as unabashed as possible is when I feel sexy.  Also, when I feel my partner is in touch with my body I am encouraged to be in touch as well.

A lot of times I shut off because I feel anxious and it’s very hard for me to let go without some encouraging words. If I’m told that  I have to cum and that he’s not going to stop touching me until I come…then I don’t feel rushed and I feel like we’re in tune with each other.  A lot of times I feel selfish when “too much” attention or time is being lavished on me and it’s difficult to enjoy what’s taking place.

Sometimes I wish that while someone was inside of me, he would talk me through the experience, almost as a way to help me stay focused.  For example, he could tell me about how he feels me getting wetter or tighter before describing to me what he eventually hopes will happen. I’d feel more mentally present and ok with feeling good rather than feeling embarrassed of my needs and my physical reactions; I’d know it was alright to let go.

Edited from a submission by: DKNY on 11.05.00

Surrender The Pink

Fantasy Fridays – Bad Girl

I am at work in my office. I am suited up in my formal work clothes. A woman comes into my office. She is girlfriend. She’s a bit taller then me. I’m petite, so most women are taller than I am.

She is a combination of power and softness. She is someone that just gives you a sexual vibe; a woman with a kind of virility but with an obvious air of femininity. She has cat eyes.

She reads me immediately. She can tell how tired I am from the work day. She can tell that I’ve had a heavy load of responsibilities today. She sends me a smile and it warms me. Then she sends me a grin and it pierces right through me. I am not a shy woman, at work, with men or in life. But my God, she makes me shy. She makes me crumble.

She places her hands on my shoulders and glides them all the way down to my hands. We hold hands. We kiss. I love licking her tongue.

She takes hold of my wrists, a bit too tight.

“Hi bad girl,” she says.
“Hi,” I barely whisper.

I let out a gentle moan and return to kissing her. In my moan I let her know how eager and relieved i feel. She’s here with me now, and its all going to be ok. She will comfort me. We will soothe each other, with our bodies.

“May I…?” I ask with my fingers on her buttons.
“You may”, she says. So I remove her blouse and bra. She undresses me but keeps my panties and leather boots on.

We hold each other. Our breasts pressed. Her fingers running lightly up my back.
I feel hot chills cover my skin.

She says it again, “Hi bad girl”.


She sits at the chair of my desk. She pats her lap. I know my place, so i place myself across her thighs. She tugs and pulls my panties between my cheeks. She rubs and pets my behind. I know what’s coming.

She spanks me, tenderly, firmly, erotically.

“Are you wet,” she ask with a gentle authority?

“Yes I am,” I confess.

“Naughty girl…naughty lady, is your pussy wet?”.  She says this as she spanks me one good smack at a time.Each hot smack heats up my bottom.  Each hot smack sends pleasure stings to my pussy.

We move to the couch. We both lay down. Our legs wrapped around each other.
I ride her thigh as she rides mine. Her fingers find my pussy from behind. We’re body locked in a dance.

“You’re my sexy bad girl, aren’t you?”, she says again.

“Yes, I am, yes i am”, i repeat until i come.

Surrender The Pink

Fantasy Fridays – Sticky In Pink

We were standing across from each other and I didn’t know what to think. I was so excited…so was he. I could feel the attraction between us, scary strong. He kills me. We only just got through the door to the house and we couldn’t stop kissing. I couldn’t help it. He face was driving me nuts. My clit is pulsing just thinking about him. It’s so fucking miserable.

Before we left to go back to the bodega together he stopped me in the foyer. We are stuck in between two doors- the front door locked and the door leading into the house wide open. My back was against the door. Zip…he pulled my pants off and pulled my blue thong down. I could hear a slight ripping sound. I did not care.

His open mouth sucked on my thigh. Then he shoved his middle finger inside of me so hard. I gasped. He laughed. He did it again and again and I was shaking. I wanted him in the worse way, even with his sister, his niece in fact half his whole family was upstairs. He got on his knees in front of me. He kissed me, he sucked on me, he finger fucked me, he just would not stop – no matter how much I begged to just go upstairs into his room behind a closed door.

Sure enough he heard something. I was mid moan- my heart beating a mile a minute. He paused from sucking my lit to listen. I heard foot steps going back towards the other end of the house. My face flushed and he laughed. It was Dionne. He had seen us.

I could hardly pull my pants up. My crotch was wet and sticky. There was nothing to do but go out of the house to the bodega. Maybe in 10 minutes we would come back in and act like nothing had happened.

Instead we kept this up all night, back and forth from the street to the house. He just continued to make me cum. I just kept letting him.

Originally entitled “tickle my pink”
Edited from entry on 05.19.01

Surrender The Pink

Lynn: Honolulu, HI – 35

Was it a dream or was it real…? My husband works the late shift and gets home around 10:30 in the evening. One night last week, he called to say that he would be home later than usual, probably ’round 1 or 2 in the morning. I expressed my sadness at the situation and asked him if he could hurry home because I was horny beyond belief. As I went to sleep that night, I tossed and turned at the desire for some good lovin’. I laid there in bed with a satin sleeper enjoying the soft touch of the material against my body. Laying down I wanted so desperately to cum, I began to explore the realm of pleasure in my own touches. It began with a soft caress of my breast. My hands sensually touched and massaged my breast till my nipples were erect and hard. The touch of my own hands on my breast through my satin sleeper made me even hornier. I began to circle my now hard nipples with my fingertips heightening the pleasure even more.

I slipped a finger in my mouth as my other hand began to lower my sleeper exposing my now firm breast. I took my moistened finger and circled my right nipple – the cooling feeling of moisture evaporating from my nipple heightened my sense of desire even more. The juices in my pussy began to flow as did my want for that lustful explosion. I slid my left middle finger into the slit of my pussy and began to slide my finger in and out of my juicy slit. Soon, I was sliding my finger in and out of my hole. After several plunges, I would rub my clit increasing my desire for an orgasm. As I pinched and pulled my nipple harder it increased my want more and more, I so wished that my husband was doing this to me. I continued to finger myself till I came, enjoying the waves of ecstasy as they filled my body.

My carnal desire was now fulfilled, yet something was missing. As my waves of passion subsided, I began to fall a sleep. Lying in bed a sleep, my mind began to drift into an erotic dream. There I was lying in bed still horny from my self-pleasuring earlier that night. This time though I knew that I needed something more. I felt the warm, strong touch of a man’s hand on the inner portion of my right thigh, and then I felt his soft touch on my panty-covered pussy. He whispered in my ear to, “Just relax and enjoy… I’m here for your pleasure!” He began to skillfully kiss my breast, working his way slowly and ever so closely to my now erect nipple. He began to lick and nibble on my nipple as I began to squirm with a great amount of pleasure.

He began to slowly kiss his way down my body getting closer and closer to my increasingly hornier pussy. I wanted so much for him to eat me… but he just skimmed over my pussy kissing it softly. I could feel the incredible warmth of his breath as he nestled his face in my crotch subtly rendering soft kisses to my pussy through my now eve wetter panties. His hands were now slowly working their way to my firm breast that were aching for some attention. As he lowered my nightie exposing my breast, he firmly held my breast in his strong hands and began to massage them sensually. I thought my nipples were already hard but I felt them get even harder as he skillfully worked his magic.

About this time, I began to realize… this was feeling too good… was it a dream… or was this real? I decided to keep my eyes closed… just incase this was a dream, I didn’t want it to end. I then felt him begin to lick my pussy through my panty, the touch of his lips and tongue on my love-box made me cream even more. His kisses began to work their way back up my body towards my tits. As he removed his hand from my right breast, he replaced it with his warm mouth. I was so eager to cum at this point, but he was content to build the passion even higher. His free hand found its way to my now soaked panty as he slowly began to remove it. I spread my legs wide open for him wanting to be pushed to the edge. He began to fondle both of my breasts and nipples again causing my desire to increase even more.

I began to rub my legs together hoping to reach that special spot, as this only made me want to be fingered more, I soon started to move my lower torso up and down in a slow grinding motion. I now had one nipple in his mouth and the other between his fingers…”where was that other hand” I started to wonder. His other hand was soon parting my legs and stroking the outer limits of my now aching pussy. He lightly began to caress my muff while periodically probing the inner recess of my pussy. As he reached down to the bottom of my slit, he pulled up a finger of my juices and I heard him lick his finger. Again he reached for that spot now dripping with ecstasy, but his time he used his wet finger to probe the inner lips of my pussy.

Up and down his finger slid causing my heart to race faster and faster. I so wanted him to slide a finger or two into my hole I could barely stand it. By now I could have cum with one touch of my now pulsing clit. His finger started to plunge in and out of my pussy like a hitting my G-spot with every stroke. His mouth released my nipple and was soon on my pussy, lick after lick I moaned with desire. He then began to circle my clit with his talented tongue; my moans began to get louder and deeper with every touch of his tongue. Now I felt a finger get slid into my hole again, he skillfully reached for that spot and was soon on the verge of an amazing orgasm. I again began to think… was this real or was this a dream?

If it was a dream, I wasn’t going to risk loosing this feeling by waking up. The next thing I realized, I was bucking wildly as I came with an incredible explosion that seemed to consume every bit of my being. Just as I thought it was over, I felt this huge rock-hard cock peer at the entrance to my pussy. My gosh! If this wasn’t real, this was the most amazing dream I had ever had. Bit by bit, this huge piece of manhood began to slide into my swollen and incredibly wet pussy. The strokes started off slow and easy, with each stroke going deeper and deeper. Before I knew it, I could feel his balls hitting the bottom of my pussy. This man was so skillful in the manipulation of his cock; he was able to angle his dick in me to reach my G-spot increasing the pleasure even more. I now felt his lips on my right breast with his teeth slightly pinching my nipple and his tongue flicking over my hard button. His thrusts began to quicken as my pussy swelled to another orgasm. The next thing I knew, I was on my stomach. With his long cock, he reentered me from behind slipping his dick into my pussy once again. He reached around my right thigh and found my clit ready to explode again.

His pace began to quicken as my orgasm neared; the combination of his thrusts and his magical touch on my clit put me on the edge. The next thrust and flick of my clit pushed me over the edge again. I bucked with an incredible fever as he managed to stay-off his own orgasm for a few more thrusts. He then blew his load of jizz in me as our waves of passion peaked. He rolled me over, kissed my lips and began to lick my pussy clean. He moaned with great pleasure as he consumed the combination of our love juices. He covered me with the blanket and kissed my cheek saying, “I love you sweetheart!” After I had completely settled down from my orgasm, I opened my eyes to see if I was dreaming or if it was real. My husband was lying next to me completely naked and my nightie had been lowered. Did my husband do this to me… or was I dreaming? Heck, either way, I had a lot of fun!