Pen Pals

It was late and I was alone, hot and horny.  A warm bath and a glass of wine did not help.  Then, my phone beeped.  It was my “pen-friend” from overseas.  I had never seen her – only exchanged photo’s and e-mail.  I knew she liked women, but I have been shy and nervous about same-sex relationships – something I’ve never tried before.  Turned out, she was feeling the same way as I was. Our  conversation started innocently. She asked, “What are you doing?”  “Oh, just laying in bed..” I said.  “What are you wearing?” she asked in a slightly husky voice.  I hesitated and then said, “just a pair of silk boy shorts.”  I heard her quick intake of breath and was secretly pleased.  I knew she was picturing me in her mind.  Her next question took me by surprise.  “Describe your body to me…” she said. 

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Bath Time

It is a small bathroom.  There is a candle burn on the sink and the air is filled with steam and the sweet smell of rain.  A man and a women are sitting in a tub full of hot scented water.  He is sitting with his back against the tub and she is between his legs; her back pressed against his chest.  Their bodies are wet with the warm water of the bath and the sweat of their bodies pressed close.  He brings his hands out of the water and gently cups her breasts with his warm palms.  She responds by pressing her body closer.  He begins to play with her nipple, making small circles with light touches. Continue reading Bath Time