I want to go to his house in nothing but heels, my cake thong and this long thin sweater I have. I would like him to be resting in the bed and when I walk in I want his mouth to drop. I want him to tell me how sexy I am while trying to unbutton my sweater. I’ll push him away and tell him if he wants anything under this sweater he’s going to have to strip for it. I can see his dick grow hard in his pants as he’s trying to find some music to dance to. The music is playing and he starts his show, he grinds his dick in my face knowing how bad I want it. Every time he brings it closer to my face I lick it through his pants. He pulls me off the bed and makes me apart of his little show. Continue reading Striptease

In Full View

I envision me storming into my man’s house full of all his friends sitting around (just chillin) and I pretend to be furious about something and ask to see him in his bedroom. The confused but pissed look on his face because of the embarrassment and the fact that he has no clue about what I’m upset about instantly turns me on! He grabs my arm and flings me into the room and slams the door behind him asking me what the hell my problem is. I in turn swing the door back open and let him know that whatever I have to say his friends could hear. I kick my shoes off and take off my shirt and before he could ask what I’m doing I start kissing him really hard and take off his shirt. When I unbutton his pants he resists a little bit remembering that his friends are watching. I push his hands away and continue with my undressing.  Continue reading In Full View

Photo Album

My fantasy would have to be about my sexy ass dance teacher. It would begin around 3:30 am, I would be lying in bed playing with myself to a picture of him and the phone would ring. Of course it would be him and the conversation would go like this:

What are you doing, did I wake you?”

“No, actually I was just thinking about you (wiping my juices on his picture).”

“Lala, I want you right now, please come over.”

“Consider it done.” Continue reading Photo Album


It’s Halloween and I’m dressed up like my idol, Marlena Dietrich.  I’ve got the full Blue Angle trip: stockings, top-hat, and powder blue pumps.  As I’m pulling on my stockings, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and damn if I don’t like exactly like her.  It turns me on a bit, actually a lot.  My lips, which I’ve just shaved for the first time (so no stray hairs would creep out the sides of my blue satin merry-widow bottom,) start to get wet.

I slip my ring finger inside and start to stroke myself, imagining that I’m Marlene and she is here, kneeling between my thighs and gently licking and teasing me.  A gasp escapes my painted lips and I open myself up with two fingers, hot and wet with narcissistic desire.  I turn around and bend over, still watching myself in the mirror and spread myself open wider with one hand.  

I reach over into my underwear drawer and slide out my crystal dildo.  I ease it up inside my pink wet slit, imagining that it is attached to Marlene, who is dressed in drag, with a rakish pencil mustache and a turn-of-the century suit.  I buck my hips towards an orgasm that promises to be explosive, and finger my nub furiously as I fuck myself, just to be sure.   Continue reading Marlena