Endorphin Rush

To be held, while fingers barely brush the tips of my hair there – the first hint of approach – just enough to make me anticipate what’s coming next. Tingling shocks run through me as I start to blossom and warm. Cupping me so I absorb the warmth of your hand – no movement yet. Then slight pulsing motions that I return with involuntary pulses of my own.

Brushing of fingers across but still not between my lips, maybe tugging on my hair, gently squeezing my lips and rubbing them together. I think this slow beginning seems excruciating to you – but lots of this preliminary soft teasing makes all the difference in what follows. I like to be open only a little and feel warm breath on me. Little licks on my fur – again “gradual” and “slow” are key. I love then to be gently pressed open – the moist separation and the agonizing anticipation is incredibly exciting.

By the time your tongue first slips in there, I’m dying for it. Your tongue strokes should be soft, soft and slow and direct and relentless! I want to feel your tongue all over my lips – outer and inner and then over my clit. (Not really in and out of my vagina. It’s just a distraction for me, as is manual penetration for the most part. It diffuses the sensations and detracts from the intensity.)

Ideal is when the stimulation stays consistent and my response builds. Ironically, if the stimulation builds too soon, my response flattens. As I get there I like the intensity to increase; both pressure and speed, but not X 100. A climax from this can be 10 or 12 separate, distinct jolts that seem to last forever. THEN being penetrated – hard and fast, carries me on a wave of radiating pleasure, filling my whole body – endorphin rush – happy for a week!

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