From the Top

She rolled on top of him and embraced him.  Her mouth found his and she began to deeply kiss him.

His lips parted, he inserted his tongue into her mouth.  He explored every part of her mouth running his tongue over hers.  His hands were searching her body, finding her tight round ass, the swell of her hips, the cleft between her cheeks, her well toned thighs.

She laughed slightly as he brushed lightly against her sex.  She held his face in her hands ad she deeply probed his mouth with her tongue.  She broke her hold on his mouth as she pulled her body up against his.  She moved up on him so that her belly was above his face.

He cupped her bottom cheeks and roughly kneaded them with his hands.  He kissed her belly and she let out a small giggle.  She told him that he “would have to learn.”  With that she grabbed his right arm with both hands and placed it above his head.

She did the same with the left.  From under the pillow, she pulled the tie to the short silk robe she had discarded at the beginning of the evening.  She quickly bound his wrists together and tied them to the fancy iron headboard.

He would not protest.

She straddled his face with one leg on either side.  She grabbed the hair on his head with both hands and pulled his face into her.  She ground herself onto his face urging him “that’s right baby, that’s the spot, faster!”  She pulled his face back so that he could catch a moment’s breath and then ground into him some more.

He was gasping for breath but could not think of anyplace in the world he would rather be than under her with his tongue exploring her.

She released his head and cupped her own breasts rhythmically thrusting her pelvis.  She leaned back slightly and reached behind to find his erect penis waiting for her.  She stroked a few times and he twitched with pleasure.  She cupped his balls and lightly them outlined them.

Suddenly, without warning, she removed her sex from his lips and turned around so that her back was facing him.  She extended himself so that her knees were bent and her thighs rested on either cheek.  She moved forward and in doing so rubbed his lower body with her chest.

He could feel the way her breasts rubbed against his body.  It was all he could do not to make a mess all over her chest as she moved.  He did not know what she was up to but he did not care.

She grabbed one leg and bound it to the foot of the bed.  She shifted to the other side and did the same.  He could not see what she was tying him up with but he was now secure.  She retuned her attention to his stiff member.  She approached it cautiously.  She exhaled ever so gently against it, slowly rolled back the foreskin and kissed it lightly.  Slowly she kissed the sides and firmly grasped the base.  She placed her mouth over the shaft without touching it.  When she withdrew, she delicately scraped her teeth against the sensitive skin giving the head a light nip.

He was reeling in the new sensation.  He had never seen this side of her before and could not wait to see what was next.

She straightened herself out and straddled him again.  Her love was in position over his.  She guided him inside of her and slowly lowered herself onto him.  She began to writhe and thrust over him.

It was all too much to bear; he felt that he could not hold himself off for long.  He began to moan in an all too familiar way.

She stopped thrusting and slowed everything down.  “I told you that you would have to learn!”  After things had cooled down she started again.  This went on for ten, maybe fifteen minutes.  Each time he would be near, she would slow down.

He was in sweet agony and by the wetness of her love; he knew that she was too.  There was one difference.  She was in control.

She began again but it was different this time.  She was much more aggressive with her thrusts.  She was driving it home this time.

She reached behind herself and found his balls.  She grabbed his sack and started squeezing in time with her thrusts.  Not too rough but enough for him feel her there.

He was going insane he had to blow.

She felt him moaning again in that familiar way and before he could reach release she squeezed him tightly with his boys crushed up against one another.

He let out a scream but she kept right on pumping.  He could not reach his release.

She began to thrust wildly.  She could feel him grow an extra half-inch inside of her and he was stiffer than he had ever been.  She continued pumping until she herself was moaning and could no longer keep control of herself.

She shrieked and collapsed on top of him.  When she released his testicles, he exploded inside of her.

She fell asleep moments later with him still tied up but with a contented look on his face.

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