Pen Pals

It was late and I was alone, hot and horny.  A warm bath and a glass of wine did not help.  Then, my phone beeped.  It was my “pen-friend” from overseas.  I had never seen her – only exchanged photo’s and e-mail.  I knew she liked women, but I have been shy and nervous about same-sex relationships – something I’ve never tried before.  Turned out, she was feeling the same way as I was. Our  conversation started innocently. She asked, “What are you doing?”  “Oh, just laying in bed..” I said.  “What are you wearing?” she asked in a slightly husky voice.  I hesitated and then said, “just a pair of silk boy shorts.”  I heard her quick intake of breath and was secretly pleased.  I knew she was picturing me in her mind.  Her next question took me by surprise.  “Describe your body to me…” she said. 

The wine was getting to me and so I decided to be a little daring.  I was quite proud of my 35 year old body which I worked hard at.  I also had exceptionally soft and smooth skin which all the men I’ve been with have been crazy about.  So, I described to her in minute detail about my eyes, my full pouty lips, my long neck and waist length straight black hair.  Then I stopped.  She was getting impatient….”Please tell me more… I want to know what your breasts look like!” she said.  I took my time and then told her that my breasts were very full and firm with large brown nipples.  She then took over the conversation and went on to tell me what she would do to me..

“I want to undress you slowly – layer by layer, taking in all the details of your body.  I want to touch and smell every part of you.  I want to feel your body warming to my touch and I want you to feel the wetness between your legs.  I want to gently kiss your lips, slowly opening your lips with mine and then slowly sliding my tongue inside your mouth.  My hand would glide down your body and rest on your breasts.  I will firmly but gently tweak your nipples and get them ready for my lips.  When my mouth gets to them, they will be hard and yearning for me.  I know you want me now.  Yes?”  she asked.”Oh, God, yes!” I said, already with my hand between my legs.  Somehow the thought of a woman’s soft body against mine, was strangely erotic.  I stroked my tiny pick clit which was not hard and yearning.  My hairless labia was creamy and wet.  It wasn’t enough.  I wanted to feel the hardness of a penis.

“My lips are gliding down your belly now..” she continued.  “I am excited to see your smooth pubic area with just a slight hair line in the center.  It is exciting me, tremendously”.  I gently rub my finger up and down your vulva but your are quivering and crying out for more.  I silence you with my lips and move my body so that my face is directly over your pussy.  You surprise me by gently running your tongue on my clit.  I gasp in surprise and do not hesitate to do the same to you.  You smell of flowers and musk – an exciting combination.  We begin to finger each other simultaneously.  As we’re both women, we know that it takes time to build up to an orgasm.  So we take our time and keep alternative our moves.  I slip one wet finger into your anus.  You gasp in pain and surprise.  I keep licking and sucking you and I know you are finding it difficult to keep going.  The pleasure is too much.  Suddenly I can feel your body tensing up.  All your muscles seem to be tightening.  I know you are getting ready to come.  This further excites me and I ram my fingers into you harder and faster.  Its almost like the animal in me has come out as we are both thrashing around kissing, sucking and thrusting our fingers into each other.

Then, it happens – first you scream and buck your body.  I have to hold you down and kiss you hard until your body stops moving and calms down.  You immediately move over to me, and start working on me.  But you don’t need to do much.  With your lips on my clit, your fingers in my pussy and but, I come long and hard.  I keep coming for at least five minutes while you hold me and stroke me.

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