Photo Album

My fantasy would have to be about my sexy ass dance teacher. It would begin around 3:30 am, I would be lying in bed playing with myself to a picture of him and the phone would ring. Of course it would be him and the conversation would go like this:

What are you doing, did I wake you?”

“No, actually I was just thinking about you (wiping my juices on his picture).”

“Lala, I want you right now, please come over.”

“Consider it done.”

I hang up the phone, jump in the shower and find the sexiest pair of thongs I own, put on my stilettos and throw on a long ankle length sweater and dart out of the house. I’m doing about 80 on the BQE playing with myself the whole time keeping everything moist. About twenty minutes later I arrive at his trendy brooklyn apartment and the door is left open for me. I drop my keys on the kitchen floor and proceed into the living room and there lies the man that drives me crazy on the couch jerking off looking at a photo album. 

I get closer to see what the pictures are and to my surprise they are naked poses of me. He looks at me as if he wants to apologize for having pictures of me but just watching him stroke his hard dick just sets by body on fire as I feel the wetness dripping down my legs. I try to climb on top of him but he pushes me away telling me to watch. He begins to stroke faster and faster then he sits up, with his knees on the couch  and he lays the photo album down on the couch and starts to cum all over my pictures while moaning my name. With one swift motion he slams me against the wall pulls off my sweater and rips my panties off and slides his fingers into my warm and wet pussy then puts them in his mouth and whispers, ummm butterscotch. 

In another swift motion he throws me up against the refrigerator while taking an ice cube out of the freezer he drops to his knees and begins to suck and lick my pussy as if he’s trying to suck the cum out of me. I feel the ice around my clit and I start to scream and grab his head directing him and riding his face at the same time. We both start to moan louder and louder. I beg him to stop  because I can feel myself about to cum and I try to push his head away but he grabs my ass and brings me further into his mouth. 

An uncontrollable shake comes over my body and I start to pour into his mouth. I can hear him moaning over the gushing sounds of cum and my knees grow weak and I fall to the ground pushing him onto the kitchen floor. I lay on top of him breathless. I look up at him and ask him if he’s ready to fuck and with the most sincere look he responds “No, I only had a sweet tooth”!!

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