I want to go to his house in nothing but heels, my cake thong and this long thin sweater I have. I would like him to be resting in the bed and when I walk in I want his mouth to drop. I want him to tell me how sexy I am while trying to unbutton my sweater. I’ll push him away and tell him if he wants anything under this sweater he’s going to have to strip for it. I can see his dick grow hard in his pants as he’s trying to find some music to dance to. The music is playing and he starts his show, he grinds his dick in my face knowing how bad I want it. Every time he brings it closer to my face I lick it through his pants. He pulls me off the bed and makes me apart of his little show.

He does a lot of grabbing and caressing and then he slides his fingers between my legs, checking to see how wet I am. He starts playing with my clit and tells me how bad he wants to suck it, he then turns to his fake audience and asks if he should eat my pussy. He drops to his knees and I tell him to eat my fucking cake (he loves when I talk dirty) he goes to work sucking and moaning, grabbing my ass. I manage to stand him up and tell him that I want to be tied up and tortured. Knowing how long he has been wanting to do this he rushes to find something to tie me up with. He lays me on my stomach and ties my hands to the bedpost. He senses that I’m a little worried about what he’s going to do to me and tells me to relax.

He starts to lick my back slowly until he reaches my ass. Then he loses control and starts to eat my ass out. He spreads my legs to get his tongue further in. He turns into this wild animal that hasn’t eaten in days. He finally sits up and I can feel him rubbing his dick up and down the crack of my ass. I start to tense up because I know what he wants to do. He slowly licks my ear to distract me and I feel him start to enter me. He sticks his tongue deeper in my ear and I start to moan loudly and he’s turned on instantly.

He goes deeper and deeper until he’s in. My screams get louder and louder and he loses control again. He’s pumping harder and because my screams turn him on he covers my mouth with his hands and tell me to shut the fuck up but I can’t I start calling him daddy and tell him that I want to be his little slut and that does it. He waits until I cum and he quickly pulls out and I can feel his warm cum on my ass. He tells me I’m the best and we fall asleep in each other’s arms. Then I take this fantasy out and let him read it, just to let him know that he was never in charge and he was playing my game all along. Mean aren’t I?

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