Writers’ Block

I’m sitting at the computer trying to get my thoughts together for this next fantasy. This is the first time I’ve ever had write’s block and it’s driving me crazy. I’m the most sexual person I know why can;t I think of anything? My boyfriend comes up behind me and starts to rub my shoulders. Leaning my head back to kiss him I tell him my dilemma.

“I need to have this done by the morning so I can send it to CAKE.

“Maybe if you take a break for a little while you can focus better,” he says.

“I can’t, I tell him, this has to be done now,” while running my fingers roughly through my hair in aggravation.

He slides my chair from underneath the desk and kneels in front of me, I grab his face and softly kiss him on the lips and I ask if I could be alone so I could finish.Totally ignoring me he starts to lightly kiss my entire neck then makes his way to my nipples taking one of them into his mouth through my silk nighty. Continue reading Writers’ Block


I want to go to his house in nothing but heels, my cake thong and this long thin sweater I have. I would like him to be resting in the bed and when I walk in I want his mouth to drop. I want him to tell me how sexy I am while trying to unbutton my sweater. I’ll push him away and tell him if he wants anything under this sweater he’s going to have to strip for it. I can see his dick grow hard in his pants as he’s trying to find some music to dance to. The music is playing and he starts his show, he grinds his dick in my face knowing how bad I want it. Every time he brings it closer to my face I lick it through his pants. He pulls me off the bed and makes me apart of his little show. Continue reading Striptease

Token Trade

I’ve had my eyes on one of the tollbooth guys on the Triboro Bridge and we’ve been giving each other flirtatious looks and hard stares but nothing more. Anyway my fantasy would take place one late Saturday evening, I would be coming home, crossing the bridge like I always do, and making sure that I’m in his lane. I can feel my pussy throbbing just at the sight of him.

I reach out to hand him my money and he grabs my wrist, a little startled but excited we look into each other’s eyes and he slowly takes the money out of my hand and puts one of my fingers into his mouth. I feel his warm tongue circling my finger and I let out this really low and sexy moan and my panties are now soaked. He slowly pulls my finger out of his mouth and in a very seductive tone ask’s me if he can come home with me.

Without saying a word I nod my head and he quickly jumps out of the toll booth and hops in the passenger side. We speed off I can feel him undressing me with his eyes. I feel his hands sliding up my thigh and under my skirt, he never takes his eyes off of me. Continue reading Token Trade

In Full View

I envision me storming into my man’s house full of all his friends sitting around (just chillin) and I pretend to be furious about something and ask to see him in his bedroom. The confused but pissed look on his face because of the embarrassment and the fact that he has no clue about what I’m upset about instantly turns me on! He grabs my arm and flings me into the room and slams the door behind him asking me what the hell my problem is. I in turn swing the door back open and let him know that whatever I have to say his friends could hear. I kick my shoes off and take off my shirt and before he could ask what I’m doing I start kissing him really hard and take off his shirt. When I unbutton his pants he resists a little bit remembering that his friends are watching. I push his hands away and continue with my undressing.  Continue reading In Full View