In Full View

I envision me storming into my man’s house full of all his friends sitting around (just chillin) and I pretend to be furious about something and ask to see him in his bedroom. The confused but pissed look on his face because of the embarrassment and the fact that he has no clue about what I’m upset about instantly turns me on! He grabs my arm and flings me into the room and slams the door behind him asking me what the hell my problem is. I in turn swing the door back open and let him know that whatever I have to say his friends could hear. I kick my shoes off and take off my shirt and before he could ask what I’m doing I start kissing him really hard and take off his shirt. When I unbutton his pants he resists a little bit remembering that his friends are watching. I push his hands away and continue with my undressing.  Continue reading In Full View