In the Beginning


There was CAKE! Bear with us now, we are onto something big, we promise! No, no – we are not trying to top Darwin’s evolutionary theory on “the origin of species.” CAKE wants to document the origins of women’s sex lives to discover, for each of us, where it all began and how we have since evolved.

Contrary to popular thought, women are conscious of sexuality in the first years of life and all throughout childhood – leading up to puberty. Our childhood not only informs and sets in motion how we feel about our bodies, as well as imprints upon us what we like, think and act on, but is also key to our discovery of├é┬ápleasure.

While the range of experience is virtually without bounds, there are common themes that run throughout women’s stories of their sexual origins including: playing with Barbie dolls, experimenting with childhood playmates, exploring our bodies for the first time and recognizing that “special” parts are more sensitive than others, and being spontaneously aroused in the classroom. These formative moments are key to how women experience sexuality later in life as adults, as mothers, as women and as partners. Continue reading In the Beginning