Hot Mama

hotmamaWith all the recent news of women, their careers and lack of reproductive capability, you would think that women all over the world have lost their raison d’etre — becoming a mother. A new study reports that the biological odds are against a woman over 35 bearing children, reopening the debate over kids and careers. Time Magazine’s cover story on “Babies vs. Careers” insists that “many ambitious young women who also hope to have kids are heading down a bad piece of road if they think they can spend a decade establishing their careers and wait until 35 or beyond to establish their families.” A full 42% of high-achieving women in corporate America were still childless after age 40. That figure rose to 49% for women who earn $100,000 or more. It seems that motherhood and career simply do not mix very well. Are getting the cash and having the kids mutually exclusive? Continue reading Hot Mama