It was a stormy summer night. The rain had played along the night air on and off for hours as the party dragged on. I felt everything and nothing at the same time and my continuous laughter seemed to be contagious. Finally we found a moment to escape. An excuse to find ourselves alone playing in the rain.

The flirtation lasted only seconds as the rain began to soak us. He pulled me out of the light and with a strong embrace he pressed his lips against the rain soaked opening of my mouth. Are tongues lashed out at each other and we sunk our fingers into the flesh of each other’s bodies. 

People were coming, yet we could not bring ourselves to stop. He pulled me farther into the darkness to a narrow path on the side of the house. The sound of laughter and music filled the air and the only light shown from the crowded room above. He pressed me up against the wall. Each kiss made me want more. I pulled him closer to me. Like an animal clawing at his prey, he yanked my bra down and fondled each breast, first with his hands and then with his mouth. Suddenly his tongue was between my legs.  Continue reading Suddenly