Three’s a Crowd


Judging from YOUR responses to last week’s question – As a “straight” woman, what turns you on about a little girl on girl action? - women are very much testing the fluidity of sexual boundaries and exploration.

With all this talk about girl on girl action, it seems that women are making a stand on pleasure - living by a “give me pleasure or give me death” sort of attitude. Like the “girl on girl” fantasy, the “threesome” has long been the provenance of male sexual culture. But what about us girls? When it comes to threesomes, is three a crowd or do you say, “Bring it on!”?

Our culture assumes that one of the biggest male fantasies out there is to get it on with at least two girls or more at once, right? That said, when flipped around, women too could get a lot of mileage out of being with one partner at once. Let’s explore.  In our enlightened opinion, the threesome provides the following advantages for women.  (Of course this list is not exclusive, just a bit of written pondering…):

1.  YOU are the center of ALL the attention.

“My husband is in the Army, so we live on a military post. I spend all of my time surrounded with some of the best looking hard-bodied young men in the world. All different shapes, sizes, and races. My most secret fantasy is to be in my back yard, watching a whole company do their physical training. All of those hard sweaty bodies straining, working hard and I’d be standing naked in my yard watching them. Then they would finish their exercises, and go to leave. But a few, in the back of the formation would see me standing there, all hot and bothered from watching them, and come over to help me ease all that frustration. I would invite them in, all four of them. We’d get no farther than the living room when they’d surround me, touching, kissing, and licking whatever they could reach. I’d feel one of them sucking on each nipple, and the other two working between my legs, and admiring how wet they had made me.”

2.  You get to check out another person without jeopardizing your current relationship with your boyfriend (in fact, it might just add some flavor!)

“I was having sex with my boyfriend in his room. It got so hot in the room and I needed a drink of water, so I got up to go to the kitchen. When I opened the bedroom door, my boyfriend’s roommate was standing there in his boxers only and listening to us. I caught him by surprise and at first, he tried to act cool, but when he saw me in my sheer and tiny nightie, he grabbed me and pinned me up against the wall. He was breathing heavy in my ear and whispering my name and he was trying to hold himself back but his hands were so desperate and his bare chest was so sexy and I could feel him against my thigh, I was so intensely aroused. I just stood there and let him pull my panties off.  He didn’t push himself inside me and we just stayed like that for so long, as we kissed and he whispered into my ear “I want to come inside you so bad.” In the heat of the moment, neither of us noticed my boyfriend standing in the doorway and watching us. My heart pounded with the intensity of the arousal and fear I was feeling. To my surprise, my boyfriend just stood there and started massaging hiself. I let out a gasp as his roommate entered me. One thing led to another and at the end of the night, I came so intensely as I sat on the roommate’s lap and rode him with my back towards him as I gave my boyfriend the most incredible (*&@%*.”

3.  You get to be in control and wield some serious power.

“It began with eye contact, me and another very hot, sexy Latina. We then see a man, a very hot man, and no words exchanged, we seduce him. We are complete strangers. But we seduce this man and convince him to come home to my place. We then sit him on the sofa, and tell him he can’t participate, just watch. He can masturbate, but can’t break our flow. Then two of us start to kiss. Her lips are full and wet, and the kiss is long, sexy and passionate. I sit her in a chair. I start to slowly lick down her neck until I get to her cleavage. She is obviously getting excited, because she parts her legs and starts rubbing herself. I start to suck her nipples when all of the sudden I hear a moan form the sofa. She starts laughing because our voyeur is has his pants around his ankles. He begs to join us, and she says, “no please, let me enjoy this sexy thing all to myself.”

4. You get to try something you’ve always wanted to, but were too shy to ask…until now.

“It started when I moved abroad and met 4 great people: 2 girls, 2 guys. My third week we all went away to the mountains for the weekend. Late the first night, we bought some gin and fake eyelashes. After a few drinks, we convinced the guys that it would be a bonding experience to put on the eyelashes. They did, and strangely enough it was a total turn on. The power surrendered to us women by them was sexy. We had another beverage and decided to play truth or dare. It all started off innocently enough…strip for the group, etc. Then a truth question to the girls: have you made out with another girl…? I was the only one who hadn’t. My next turn I opted for a dare in hopes of them making me kiss one of the girls. I was right. With her long, wavy hair, she crawled in close to me and leaned her head to the side. For the first time, I touched the lips of another woman with my own. Our tongues mingled like old friends and before long, I could feel another set of lips with ours. I opened my eyes to see that one of the guys had joined in. I backed off slightly and the third girl in our group took my place while the final guy grabbed me tightly, threw me gently to the ground and quickly started to undress me. Someone turned off the lights, and from here it’s hard to tell who was doing what to whom.”

So there you have it – 4 easy ways to inspire some good old threesome (or foursome) action.  We know you’ve either tried it or wished you could.  It is okay, CAKE still loves you in the morning, we just want you to kiss and tell us about it.


Question of the Week:

Tell us about the trials, tribulations, successes and failures of your “threesome” experiences.

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