To The Top

A crowd of people, including myself, rush onto the elevator. This is the normal routine every morning of getting up to my office. After we are nicely packed in I glance over at the weight requirement and grumble to myself, “I should of took the stairs.” Our ride begins and I notice that I’m pinned up against someone, who happens to smell incredible, but there’s nowhere for me to go so I’m forced to stay pinned to this person. 

“It would be my luck that this elevator has to stop on every fucking floor,” I think to myself, “shit, I work on the 23rd floor, this is already a bad day.” 

In the midst of my thought I feel something hard poke me, confirming that this is a guy standing behind me, shit, if I was standing behind me I’d get hard too. I was wearing my favorite perfume and a short skirt suit so who could resist me. Anyway I try to ignore it but it started to feel good so I leaned back slightly so that I can fully rest my ass up against him. Noticing what I’m doing he chuckles to himself. Now that I’ve got him on the same page with me I slowly brush my ass from side to side across his dick. I feel him put both his hands on my hips to pull me closer into him.

His dick is now rock hard and I can’t help but to reach back and touch it but he quickly grabs my wrist and slides my hand up my skirt. I glance around the elevator only to notice that the crowd has died down but not enough for anyone to notice what’s going on. My panties are soaked from the excitement of somebody catching us. He brings his face closer to the back of my head and I can feel him smelling my hair. He takes my hand and slides it completely up my skirt and guides my fingers past my panties and into my wet pussy. He makes me finger myself while he plays with my clit. I start to grind my pussy in his hand. I bring my suitcase in front of me so no one will notice. I can’t help but to close my eyes cause the shit feels so good. After I snap out of my trance to my surprise there’s only one person left on the elevator.

He has his back turned to us concentrating on the elevator doors. He starts to rub harder while taking the other hand and grabbing one of my nipples through my jacket. I lean my head completely back and he sticks his tongue in my ear. Finally the last rider exits and I drop my suitcase and attempt to turn around so we could be face to face but he had other plans for my ass. He grabs both of my arms to keep me facing front then he whispers to me, “I wanna hit your sexy ass from da back.”. He moves up off the wall and I’m able to reach over and hit the stop button he then roughly pushes me to bend over while pulling my skirt up exposing my thong. To my surprise he drops to his knees and slowly licks my ass before burying his face in it. In between licks he moans how bad he’s been wanting to do this to me and continues with his eating.

After a couple of minutes he quickly gets up and I can hear his belt buckle hit the floor as well as a wrapper from a condom. “Boy he’s prepared,” but before I can finish my thought he begins to slide inside. Feeling my tightness he moans loudly and grabs a handful of my hair. Finally after the struggle he’s completely in and I start to moan uncontrollably. He reaches around and plays with my clit a little more and I start to scream, so he covers my mouth and starts to pump harder. I feel my knees get weak and he tells me that he’s about to cum and he can’t hold it anymore. He lets out what I can only describe as a yelp and explodes.

Trying to regain control over my legs I stand up and take my panties from around my ankles and stuff them in my bag, I pull my skirt back down and attempt to turn around again he then grabs my arms again and makes me face front. He reaches around me and presses the release button on the elevator and we begin to move again in complete silence. When we reach the 23rd floor he whispers to me, “get off the elevator and don’t turn around, you’ll ruin it. I simply nod and get off feeling him watching my ass as I walk off.

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