Token Trade

I’ve had my eyes on one of the tollbooth guys on the Triboro Bridge and we’ve been giving each other flirtatious looks and hard stares but nothing more. Anyway my fantasy would take place one late Saturday evening, I would be coming home, crossing the bridge like I always do, and making sure that I’m in his lane. I can feel my pussy throbbing just at the sight of him.

I reach out to hand him my money and he grabs my wrist, a little startled but excited we look into each other’s eyes and he slowly takes the money out of my hand and puts one of my fingers into his mouth. I feel his warm tongue circling my finger and I let out this really low and sexy moan and my panties are now soaked. He slowly pulls my finger out of his mouth and in a very seductive tone ask’s me if he can come home with me.

Without saying a word I nod my head and he quickly jumps out of the toll booth and hops in the passenger side. We speed off I can feel him undressing me with his eyes. I feel his hands sliding up my thigh and under my skirt, he never takes his eyes off of me.

He moves my panties and slides his fingers up and down my wet pussy and takes my hand and puts it on his dick which is rock hard and huge. He tells me he’s been that way since he first saw me and it hasn’t went down yet then he pulls my leg a little bit just to get me to slide down in the seat so he can slide his fingers in me. I began to moan and he starts talking dirty telling me how tight my shit is and how fucking sexy I am then he whisper’s to me, “How well can you drive?” and before I get chance to answer his head is in between my legs sucking, biting and fingering me all at once.

I try to concentrate on the road my head keeps rolling back which causes me to drive all over the road. I finally pull over to a dark dead end road and he gets out first rushing over to my side and pulls me out of the car and slams me against the door. He pulls my skirt above my waist and I wrap my legs around him. He carries me to the front of the car and lays me on the hood and slides his dick into me.

He rips my shirt open and starts licking and biting my nipples as he pumps harder, thrusting his dick into me and in between our moans and screams he asks me what my name is and after I tell him he starts to moan “Lala”. He tells me that he doesn’t want to cum yet but he can’t hold it anymore and I tell him that I can’t either but I don’t want it to end. He grabs my hair and I dig my nails into his back and we both explode at the same time.

He licks my lips and gives me the most sensual kiss. He then helps me off the car and fixes my clothes for me. We get back in and I take him back to the bridge before anyone notices he was gone. He gives me back my $3.50 and tells me this one’s on him!’

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