Writers’ Block

I’m sitting at the computer trying to get my thoughts together for this next fantasy. This is the first time I’ve ever had write’s block and it’s driving me crazy. I’m the most sexual person I know why can;t I think of anything? My boyfriend comes up behind me and starts to rub my shoulders. Leaning my head back to kiss him I tell him my dilemma.

“I need to have this done by the morning so I can send it to CAKE.

“Maybe if you take a break for a little while you can focus better,” he says.

“I can’t, I tell him, this has to be done now,” while running my fingers roughly through my hair in aggravation.

He slides my chair from underneath the desk and kneels in front of me, I grab his face and softly kiss him on the lips and I ask if I could be alone so I could finish.Totally ignoring me he starts to lightly kiss my entire neck then makes his way to my nipples taking one of them into his mouth through my silk nighty.

Enjoying every moment but knowing I have work to do I softly whisper, “Baby. Stop.”

Pretending not to hear me he moves all the way down to my thighs, again lightly kissing them and licking the insides of them. I feel him getting higher while parting my legs with his tongue and I grab his head and lift him from between my legs while trying to roll my chair away from him. He pulls his head away from me and grabs the legs of the chair and forcefully rolls me back over to him while throwing my legs over his shoulders, taking my thighs in his hands he slides me down the chair so that my ass his hanging off it. He takes his tongue up and down my inner thigh, every time getting closer and closer and finally burying his face in my pussy.

I feel his tongue trying to explore every inch and my body starts to go with the flow. He grabs my ass and lifts me off the chair leaving me to grip the armrest. His moans get louder and I start to grind it in his face, feeling the urge to cum in his mouth he stops and takes me completely off the chair and places me on the floor. I sit straight up trying to rip his clothes off but he pushes me back down and lifts my legs into the air and starts to eat me again.

Pushing my thighs towards my chest so he can taste everything I softly begin to whisper his name and he starts to suck harder. I grab his head, feeling the need to explode, and he starts to lick me slower and I beg him not to stop but he does. Still caught in the moment I don’t see him take off his pants but I feel him rubbing his dick up against me and before I could open my eyes he is kneeled over me with his dick in my face and I quickly take him in my mouth and make him slide it in and out. He starts to pump harder making me deep throat him. Foul but sexy is the only way I can describe the language he starts to use, which lets me know that I’m pleasing him in every way.

Knowing him sexually I can tell by his movement that he’s about to cum I make him get off of me and I become the aggressive one. I push him onto the floor and climb on top of him, remembering how tight I am I slowly slide his dick inside of me. He moans louder with every inch I slide in and he quickly grabs my waist so that he could have control over my movement. I let him stay in control for a little while, letting him stop me every time he feels like cumming. Finally I take his hands off my hips, knowing that he has lost control he quickly tells me he doesn’t want to cum yet but my pussy feels so good.

I tell him to shut up and I pin his hands behind him and slowly begin to ride him. Every time he moans I move faster, he tells me to slow down while trying to unloosen his hands from my tight grip but fails. I start to lose control making my body bounce off of his and he starts to scream my name over and over begging me to stop but I ignore him feeling myself about to cum. We both start to scream and he attempts one more time to get loose from my grip, which he does due to my weakness and he grabs my ass now slamming me down on his dick. I feel our bodies start to tremble and we both cum together screaming and moaning.

I drop lifelessly on top of him and I can still feel his body trembling. We lay there for a few minutes then we get up, he fixes my nightgown and walks me back over to the computer, sits me down and slides the chair back over to the desk. He kisses my forehead

and asks if I feel better and I simply nod my head yes. I wait for him to turn the corner and I start banging the keys.

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